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Celebrity Ski
2013-02-03  03:48:00

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It's been the Celebrity Ski weekend in Sunshine Village now. Pierce Brosnan and Alicia Silverstone was two of all the celebrities that were skiing around our mountain today. Unfortunatley, my lovely lift Tee Pee Town isn't Sunshine's most popular lift, so I never saw any celeb that I could recognize. But whatever, I had a lovely day in the sunshine and now my face is burnt like a lobster. 
And sunshine is nice, but I want snow now! We are in desperate need of some fresh snow. Hopefully were going to Kicking Horse the next week, and maybe there will be more snow coming over there. Here's some more pics from Revelstoke when we were there:
The samll jeep with a big story behind...

I stole a pic from Mike's Instagram


Revy - an unreal experience
2013-01-16  07:24:57

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Our plan was to go to Revelstoke for two nights but it was snowing so much that the road had to shut down for avalanche controls. We had to wait until the next day and go to Revy for only one night instead.
It was the day of the Freeride World Tour, which itself would have been quite fun to watch, but we were quite alone in wanting to use the mountain for ourselves so there was large areas of untouched powder to shred! Revelstoke boasts North America's greatest vertical at 1.713 meters and has only two lifts in addition to the gondola. The rest you have to hike. We started our morning by hiking up a steep hill which took us about 20 minutes. It was not the funniest 20 minutes I've had, it was steep, slippery and deep snow. I thought I was going to die. But oh, it was worth it! When we got up, we had the greatest views, the clouds looked like a sea around us and everywhere was untouched areas with fresh snow.
The first run that morning was the best I have experienced so far on snowboarding. Wow, I just say. Absolutely incredible. We could not stop smiling during the whole ride and it took us around two hours to get to the second lift. We had an incredible day! We spent the night in a motel, where we all shared one apartment. We met up with Lars, our old housemate we lived with in Hemsedal last year and it was fun to see him again! He lives his dream in Revelstoke, that can't be mistaken!
The hike
The Freeride World Tour

Mike, Blake, Dan and Chrisse

Blake is happy as a kid to shred some Revy pow!

Some more hiking

Norweigan Lars and Christine

2013-01-13  06:58:32

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I don't have time to tell you about Revy right now, but I'll try to write a post soon. I just want to let you know that the first run over there was the best snowboarding experience I've had so far in my life. Wow. If you havn't been there, put yourself together and GO there. Like now. 

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