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2012-12-30  06:34:00

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Puha, I'm so tired all the time! I have to start drinking lots of redbulls because this is not working. Sleeping can be done in another life, I always used to say. But when you approach the age of 25 you realize that you're getting old, and constantly tired! And then you realize that sleep is underestimated. Damn how great it is to sleep. And damn how horrible it is to get up at 6 o'clock in the morning. Will I ever get used to that? Anyways, it's probably best to go to sleep now so I'm able to be awake during the upcoming New Years! Good night!


Sunny Sunshine
2012-12-29  07:54:58

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It's very nice and sunny days in Sunshine Village right now, but it's getting really busy. Today we had about 6200 people on the mountain. But the lift lines are not even close to what they use be in Åre in Sweden during peak seasons. 


Photo shoot with Shawn
2012-12-29  05:32:14

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Yesterday I had a really good ski brake at work. Blake, Thomas and I had a little photo shoot with photographer Shawn Alain from Sunshine Village. We went up Wa-Wa and took some shoots in the trees and then we went down to the Canyon and hiked up to untouched powder. It was crazy fun and the time just flew. We didn't take that many photos before I had to go back to work, but I hope we can do this again! Thank's Shawn, it was great fun!

Thomas (on the drop I never dared to jump haha...)
All photos taken by: Shawn Alain

Scandinavian Christmas Dinner
2012-12-27  05:45:00

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As I said before, in Scandinavia we celebrate Christmas on the 24th. So since we were quite alone about this tradition, we gathered as many Danes and Swedes we could find in Banff for a dinner (hey, Norwegians, where are you?). A bunch of 17 blondes met up at Tony Roma's and sang songs on both Danish and Swedish with Aalborg snaps in the glasses. It was a successful evening and it got even better when we got to sing a Jingle Bells battle against the neighboring table with Crazy Larry.
After that we went back to Morten's and watched Donald Duck's Christmas Show (or Kalle Anka as it's called in swedish, or even more funny - Anders And in danish!) before the evening ended at a pub in town.
Thank's for a great Christmas guys, even though I never got herring!
 8 Danes, 8 Swedes and 1 Canadian!
 Our housemate Blake and Christine
 It's Christmas time!
 No, that's not meatballs, but it was tasty anyway!
 SKÅL! (cheers)
 Amanda and her sister
 My cute sister!
 Thomas, Klara and Frederik
 Toke and the brothers Frederik and Andreas

The twins Mathias and Jesper, and Malin, Simon and Morten. Wow, I just realized that we were four sibling couples on this dinner. Our families might not been that far away after all!

Crazy Larry. As you can see, he is really crazy. He must wear a helmet even at a restaurant. Maybe I should copy him? 

Malin finally got the dog she always wanted, a pink poodle! 

Klara, Frederik and me

Christmas Love!

The Danish vision of the Swedish language

Why I'm called Pyssling? I'm a dwarf, that's why. 
 For you who want's to see the Swedish Christmas tradition. Say Mama!

Christmas Eve
2012-12-25  01:47:37

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Finally some sleep in! I slept like a baby until 1 pm today, I really needed that I guess. Yesterday was Sunday Funday again, and I will now start using a helmet on the dance floor. There was some guy who crashed his head into mine. BANG and a big bump appeared on my head. Ouch. For one second I thought I got a concussion, but that was porbably me overreacting as always. However, it doesn't matter what I do, but I will always have pain somewhere. The other day, Matt from work almost got killed by a massive block of ice falling from the liftstation about two centimeters from his head. That's so scary, and bad things seems to happen to me so I really have to watch out... 
Yesterday our supervisor cooked lunch for all of us lifties, and he made us turkey. I've never eaten or seen a turkey in real life before, but it was defentitivt not the last time I ate it. Yum! What a supervisor, hey?
Now I have to jump into the shower and then it will be "Christmas" dinner with 18 Scandinavians! Merry Christmas everyone, or God Jul as we say in swedish!
Ron made us Turkey, yum!

Merry Swedish Christmas!!
2012-12-24  04:47:00

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As in Sweden we celebrate Christmas the 24th, I now wish my loved ones back home a Merry Christmas! I hope you get a white and lovely Christmas!
Since it's still the 23rd over here in Canada, it's not Christmas until tomorrow. So we've gathered a bunch of Scandinavians for dinner tomorrow night and then we'll watch Donald Duck's Christmas Show that mom sent to us! That's something we always watch in Sweden before Santa's coming, where there's a lot of teasers from different Disney films.
For those of you who are interested to know what we eat at a Swedish Christmas dinner, I will now tell you. We eat herring and potatoes, salmon and ribs with apple puree. We also eat something similar to rice pudding but we eat it for breakfast or lunch with milk, cinnamon and almonds. There is also something called Jansssons Temptation, which is a kind of potato gratin with anchovies. Of course we also have meatballs and sausages at our Christmas dinner! 

Swedish Christmas Dinner
Jansson's Temptetion
Rise pudding
Herring and potatoes
 From Donald Duck's Christmas Show. 


Working at Sleepy Town
2012-12-23  06:36:27

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It's as easy as explained below. It's just how I would have described it myself, but someone else were just a step ahead of me. 

We are three people who rotate on the lift, and in the morning we start up the lift together and do a lot of checks, etc.. Then one of us will go up to the top to work there for a few hours, while one stays in at the bottom and talking with guests and bumping lifts. The third person is at break and that could either be at 9, 11:15 or 13:30 and lasts for two hours. It's a easy job and the day passes quickly, the hardest thing about being a liftie is to stay awake in the top shack. That's a big challenge, I promise you. 

Otherwise you have to do snow maintenance, keep track of guests so no one hangs out off the lift or goes around the bullwheel at the top. That's about it I guess, pretty sweet hey? 

On my way to work at the top. You'll get to see beautiful sunrises or you can get frostbites from the wind. Tee Pee Town is probably the coldest, slowest and oldest lift, but it's great to work at!

2012-12-23  06:13:47

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What the fuck am I doing? I obviously can't keep my balance up here. Yesterday we had a jugnight with the guys from work. You have to buy a jug of beer and share it with all the guys if you did something stupid in the last two weeks. It was a great night, but when I got home to go to bed, I never turned the lights on because I didn't want to wake Chrisse up. It was all dark and for some very stupid reason I crashed into the dresser and fell head over heels and my face scraped against the closet and the blood just flowed. I was totally shocked and did not understand what was happening. My chin got a big scratch and there's a big hole on the inside of my lip. Emelie, take it easy now, you should not try to box with the the closet! I can't stop laughing when I'm thinking of the accident, I can't belive how I managed to do that... Haha crazy... 
By the way, does anyone know what is wrong with my hands? Every winter I get cracks on my fingers and it hurts so fucking bad! They are not dry, it's only small, painfull cracks. Maybe I'm are allergic to the cold ... (and he altitude...)
Ouch, that hurts... At least I know now how I would look like with botox in my lips. 

Amanda's singing at Earls
Tommy's singing at The Gap? 


Amazing powder days
2012-12-23  04:35:02

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Despite the hangover, I have been able to enjoy fresh snow in two days now. It's a beautiful life we live. Here are some pictures from the last few days!

What a day!
2012-12-22  02:44:00

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I started the day by being hungover and wondering if the world had gone under or if it was just me who felt like if I was dead. But as soon as I came up to the mountain, I felt fully alive like never before. A white blanket of 15 cm of fresh snow and clear sky with the pink sunrise behind the mountains was what we were met by at our work. I was fortunate to have the first break, which means I could slide down the slopes among the very first and surf up in the untouched powder. I met up with Christine who has been ordered by the doctor not to work but to go boarding instead. We had some amazing runs before I had to work again. I have not been able to stop smiling today or stop thinking about how much I love my life. It's just great! Now I have to put on makeup to cover my sunburned face and head to jugnight for another crazy night! 

The healthy mountain air
2012-12-20  06:39:00

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Ok, I'll give it a try to write in English and we'll see for how long that lasts! And let me know if this is something I should continue with or if my english sucks haha!
I don't know how many times I've said that "this is the last time I have a job that involves early mornings." Now I'm back again, the alarm goes off at 6 am and I feel like I could hit someone. But I should not complain, I'm outside all day and goes boarding every day. But if it's something I should complain about, it is the enoying cold I have. My voice is gone, and has been gone for a week now, and the cough is killing me... At least, I might get abs if this continues! 
There's something about the altitude, I'll just tell you. I've said it before, but the mountain air makes you weird. In the Alps, I was constantly sick, broke bones, got cracks in the ribs, fired my nose up and knocked out teeth etc. It just seems to have started over here. We have a cough-party in the house all night and the first night out, I hurt my knee so badly I couldn't go boarding. I've also got a big frostbite on my cheek, and after skiing my whole life and after four skiseasons, I have never experienced that before... Christine has got a virus in her eyes so it looks like she is constantly high. People are getting hurt all the time and bronchitis and pneumonia ravaging the village. Well, we'll see how this will end, but the only thing I really should do now is to get that Alberta Health thing so I don't have pay a fortune at that time I have to go to the hospital. Since it will probably happen sooner or later! 

Sunshine Village organised a Christmas Party and here's all of us lifties. 
Dave, me and Sam

Writing the blog in english?
2012-12-18  06:08:00

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Are there any of you out there who prefer me to write in English? Would that be of any interest? Or would you who already read my blog get bored if it was in English and stop following it? I know there are a few non-Swedish speaking people peeking in on my blog, and you might want to know what I'm writing about. Please send me a  comment and write what you think and maybe I'll consider start writing in English!
Me and Dave the other week at a houseparty. 

Morning glory
2012-12-18  05:57:15

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Jag ska då inte klaga på utsikten jag har på jobbet. Mornarna kan vara riktigt vackra när man drar upp på toppen i soluppgången. Rosa himmel mot dessa vita, massiva berg, det är något helt speciellt vill jag lova!
Jobbet som jag har kvar fungerar då alldeles utmärkt. Bygger snöskulpturer, skyfflar snö och bumpar liftar. Nej, gymkort, släng dig i väggen. Kan detta vara enda säsongen då jag faktiskt inte går upp i vikt? Jag har träningsvärk ungefär varje dag i alla fall, och är det inte för jobbet så är det för att man åker ca två timmar varje dag. Om man inte är ledig då, för då åker man ju ännu mer. 
Idag var riktigt nice, trots en lite småklen kropp från gårdagens julfest. Det började med gnistrande sol och glittrande snö och slutade med snöfall och en del puderåk. Tydligen ska det snöa hela natten och jag är ledig så här ska köras pow! 
En vecka kvar till jul... Hur ska man fira det? Jag hade så gärna velat ha sill! Trots att jag aldrig sett så mycket julpynt i form av blinkande ljusslingor i alla möjliga färger på husen förr, så känns det inte riktigt som att det snart är jul. Hade jag inte uppdaterat mig själv på Facebook under Lucia hade jag ju helt missat att det faktiskt var Lucia. Och hur ska man fira nyår? Det enda jag vet är att jag är ledig vilket är grymt. Jag vill ha lussebullar och glögg. Nu. 
Blake, Chrisse och Thomas
Aussie-Sam. By the way, jag tror jag har mött fler Australienare här i Kanada än vad jag faktiskt gjorde under min OZ-resa. Typ. 

Söta lifty-Sara i vår underbart fina uniform

Fick kicken...
2012-12-18  05:38:00

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Eller jag vet inte riktigt vad som hände där egentligen. Tydligen jobbar jag inte på Dancing Sasquatch längre. Jag har absolut inte gjort något fel, eller det kanske var jag som i princip sa upp mig. Jag vet inte. Jag hade ångest varje gång jag skulle jobba för det är inte speciellt kul att gå runt att sälja shots på dansgolvet bland fulla människor som tar rediga tag i ens röv titt som tätt. Eller stryka sina armar mot folks svettiga ryggar när man försöker passera. Eller få en illaluktande, alkoholiserad andedräkt rätt upp i ansiktet. Nej, det var nog inget för mig, trots att pengarna var sjukt bra. Kunde liksom skrapa ihop 140 dollar i dricks på tre timmar plus timlön. Men jag är här för att ha kul och inte tjäna pengar. För några pengar går inte att spara när man jobbar som liftvakt. 68 kr i timmen kommer man inte så långt på. Men vad sjutton! Partymyran Pyssling hade väldigt svårt för att gå och jobba när resten av Banff skulle ut och festa, och när hon inte jobbade var hon så trött att hon somnade ståendes. Så det var goa pengar så länge det varade! Och jag fick ju faktiskt vara med på julfesten, och det är ju det viktigaste, visst? 
Senaste tiden har vi hängt lite på houseparty's och träffat en massa folk. Från utomhus fest med lägereld och fatöl till hyttechill med öppen brasa, gitarr och allsång. Igår var det Sunshine Village Christmas party och det var en hejdundrandes fest. Inte så konstigt med tanke på att det är mellan 600-700 anställda. Det ställdes till med middag på berget och senare körde busslaster in oss till stan för mer fest. 
Är det din spegelbild du ser i koppen, Matt?

Klara och jag

Matt och Chrisse
Vi sprang på den här lilla filuren på vägen hem från en shoppingrunda, och den var i full färd med att jaga musen som den tillslut lyckades sätta tänderna i. 

Fancy a winter wedding - for free?
2012-12-13  05:59:05

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Jag blev kontaktad av Ramundberget som informerade om en tävling som de arrangerar just nu. De lottar ut ett sagobröllop till ett par som älskar varandra lika mycket som skidåkning. Vigsel, bröllopsresa, specialkomponerad bröllopsmeny och tårta, specialdesignade ringar och vacker fjällnatur bland annat, till ett värde av 102 015 kr. 
Nu går ju inte jag direkt i giftas tankar, man kanske ska se till att skaffa en snubbe först. Men någon annan där ute kanske är det? Och vad är inte vackrare än vita fjäll en vacker vinterdag? 
För mer info om hur du tävlar, klicka in dig här. Kom igen, var med och tävla, plötsligt händer det ju faktiskt! 



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