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2012-12-23  06:13:47

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What the fuck am I doing? I obviously can't keep my balance up here. Yesterday we had a jugnight with the guys from work. You have to buy a jug of beer and share it with all the guys if you did something stupid in the last two weeks. It was a great night, but when I got home to go to bed, I never turned the lights on because I didn't want to wake Chrisse up. It was all dark and for some very stupid reason I crashed into the dresser and fell head over heels and my face scraped against the closet and the blood just flowed. I was totally shocked and did not understand what was happening. My chin got a big scratch and there's a big hole on the inside of my lip. Emelie, take it easy now, you should not try to box with the the closet! I can't stop laughing when I'm thinking of the accident, I can't belive how I managed to do that... Haha crazy... 
By the way, does anyone know what is wrong with my hands? Every winter I get cracks on my fingers and it hurts so fucking bad! They are not dry, it's only small, painfull cracks. Maybe I'm are allergic to the cold ... (and he altitude...)
Ouch, that hurts... At least I know now how I would look like with botox in my lips. 

Amanda's singing at Earls
Tommy's singing at The Gap? 

Jobba i Australien och Kanada


Aj aj aj. Klantskalle! :)

2012-12-23 @ 07:57:37
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