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Oreba Chocolate Tour
2015-01-01  01:43:00

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Som sista grej i Panama åkte vi till Oreba på choklad tur. Vi fick lära oss att chokladbönor växer på träd som ser ut som Björkar och smakar surt men gott direkt från frukten. Det var väldigt intressant, vi fick smaka på alla stegen och tillsist på den färdiga, organiska chokladen.
Till lunch serverade dem riktigt god lokal mat. De hade kokat roten av rabarber och gjort spenat av bladen, och serverade kyckling till det. Det var verkligen gott. Måste kolla upp om det går att göra med våra svenska rabarber. 

English version
As the last thing in Panama we went to Oreba for a chocolate tour. We learned that chocolate beans grow on trees that look like a swedish tree called Björk, and tastes sour but delicious straight from the fruit. It was very interesting, we got to taste all the steps and finally the finished, organic chocolate.
For lunch they served some very tasty local food. They had boiled the root of rhubarb and made spinach of the leaves, together with chicken. It was really good. I must check whether it is possible to do this with our Swedish rhubarb.
They recycle the shells from the chocolate beans 
It all starts from this little flower
Then it turns to this fruit
After about eight months the fruit is ready to use 
Inside the fruit you will find the cacao beans
They are eatable as they are, a bit sour and pretty tasty actually
Then you fry the beans until they start to pop like popcorn. That makes the shell fall off easily, and inside you will find the pure cacao.
 Roasted cacao to the left, and unroasted to the right, still with the shell on
After taking off the shell, you crush the cacao so that it becomes a powder
Then you heat up the powder until it melts a bit, add sugar and milk and there's your chocolate.
The boys working
We saw this colorful poisonous frog
Jobba i Australien och Kanada


Häftigt! Då kan du inte bara allt om kokosnötter nu utan också allt om choklad ;)

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